Video: Not for the faint of hand

In the spirit of getting back to the roots, eating locally grown produce and the like, we started growing our own stuff. Carrots, radish, lettuce, tomatoes, pumpkin and strawberries all now grow either on our balcony or in a garden outside of town. Today, we started a vegetable patch in said garden. This, as I am now aware, involves work. With one’s hands. Removing roots, pronging, more removing… there’s no end to the pronging, as it seems. … →

Schon GEZetert?

Wenn man der Werbung glauben darf, ist uncool, wer ohne Rundfunkgebühren zu entrichten, Johannes B. Kerner beim Schwadronieren zuschaut. Walter Beckmann, oder wie der heißt, will seinerseits mit Schwarz-Sehern nichts zu tun haben und droht, ihnen höchstens eine Stunde lang nach dem Maul zu reden und maximal 10-20 nichts sagende Fragen zu stellen.  … →

Locational Advice

I’ve been absent for a while. Not mentally, rather physically. As in “absent from writing here”, as you’ll do doubt have noticed (Ha! As if…). There have been several reasons for this, chief among which are 1. Studying, 2. Exams, and 3. Repose. In that order with the latter and the former still going on. Not the middle one. Hurray. … →



Wie schön, dass es noch Leitartikel (Quelle: DIE ZEIT, 12.08.2010 Nr. 33) gibt, die neben populistischen Stammtisch-Parolen auch Realitätsverlust im Endstadium, latenten Rassismus und eine gehörige Portion Unwissen aufweisen. … →

“Do”s and uh… Nope, just “Don’t”s.


Socks in sandals.
You’re not wearing a real shoe! Lose the cloth.

Half-way-pants (“Capri”?) for men. Decide! Either wear shorts or go the whole hog. … →

I can haz videoclip?

“What’s with all the motion pictures lately?”, you might rightly proclaim. Well, this one is another creation of my own, following the great success of “London Calling”. This time around, we find ourselves on the lovely, albeit lonely roads of Sweden. … →

Little interlude

Just to quickly explain the new Videographic demonstration on the right hand side there:
One should first consider viewing the following clip, of which the one on the right is a (brilliant) spoof:


Fisch sucht Fahrrad…

Im ZEIT-Magazin der vergangenen Woche (Nr. 28) musste ich kürzlich folgendes auf Seite 50 lesen:

“Manisch depressiver, hässlicher, verzweifelter Jurastudent (27), der gerne Bach hört, sucht Sie zum Durchbrechen der sozialen Isolation” (sic!) … →

Brand new feather for my cap


I write like
Douglas Adams

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

That’s quite pleasing! Although, to be fair, I had to try and enter a couple of texts into the machine to overcome the “Dan Brown”-phase, after which a relatively pleasant “David Foster Wallace”-interlude led me to my current status as a kin of the great, inimitable D.A.

Who do you write like?

Ön the Röåd ågain

If someone gave you a hundred grand (100.000 $, € or å‚∂ƒ©ªº∆… Pound Sterling), what would you do with it? A luxurious trip around the world? A big stereo to blow your neighbour’s ears off? A new car even? … →

The epitome of Phlegm

A Powerful Man

A little while ago I heard something very true about the concept of Intelligent Design. It’s an odd idea, thinking that some entity formed all things, even though it does seem appealing to consider yourself the crown of all creation. The sheer complexity of life, the intricate workings of reproduction of species, wasps laying eggs inside spiders, and parasites changing the behaviour of their hosts in a way that makes them more likely to be eaten by their prey, which in turn provides a host environment for the parasite at a later stage in its life cycle. … →

Boom… NOT!

I am very lucky! I was picked as the winner of the Random-Screening-Lottery at the airport. I got to go to a little room with a little lady and they checked all my electronic devices for me. How nice of them. I was able to find out that no traces of explosive material have been near my laptop and camera in the past 2 years. … →


Henceforth, I’m going to make these things shorter. Starting now. Well, I said “henceforth” which could be construed as meaning “after this”. However, what I meant was “from now on”. So, there. Also, there might be more regular updates, due to the larger amount of shortness inherent in the articles.

Six feet under (water)

Things die. They all do. They slowly die a tiny little bit all the time. Then they die a whole lot at once, rather quickly. This is usually very sad. However, a little consolation can be found in the fact that the respective thing, animal, person, or beloved plant knows very little sadness after that one last bit of dying. … →

Walking a mile in His shoes…

I’ve found Jesus! The Lord is with me and He guides my every step. Nevermore shall I suffer loneliness, depravation or despair for He is with me at all times, carrying me along my way and into the light. … →