I am very lucky! I was picked as the winner of the Random-Screening-Lottery at the airport. I got to go to a little room with a little lady and they checked all my electronic devices for me. How nice of them. I was able to find out that no traces of explosive material have been near my laptop and camera in the past 2 years.

I asked for a certificate of some sort, so I could proudly hang it over my bed, but they said they didn’t give out any such certificates and yes, I was free to make my own and hang it wherever I liked.

Regarding the reasons for which this great honor was imparted on me, I couldn’t possibly have a wild guess. They said it was random, and that a red flag came up if someone had an exceptionally large amount of devices with them. I promised to bring less devices next time. They didn’t care.

So, as my flight is late, again, by about an hour, again, I sit here contemplating the possibility of actually walking onto the field and hitchhiking to Stockholm Arlanda Airport. However, I’m afraid I too might be thoroughly searched for traces of explosive material. Everywhere. So I won’t.