If someone gave you a hundred grand (100.000 $, € or å‚∂ƒ©ªº∆… Pound Sterling), what would you do with it? A luxurious trip around the world? A big stereo to blow your neighbour’s ears off? A new car even?

I guess all of those are very good uses, provided you’ve given a bit of it to charity, let’s not be greedy, ey? However, I present to you the, in my opinion, most venerable expenditure: A little place in the remote, beautiful and breathtakingly relaxing neck of the woods the natives call “Stömne“. According to a local estate agent’s office, holiday homes are somewhere below the 100.000-belt, which is absolutely astonishing given the utter desirability of the houses we saw.

Anyway, the only reason I’m writing about Stömne is to say that I passed through it on a week’s camping-holiday in the lovely Kingdom of Sweden. Its sights and sounds (quite a few amazing ones of the former, very little annoying ones of the latter) encouraged us to return “ASAP”, as they say. Below you will find a couple of the impressions that enticed us to forget about the Caribbean, Samoa and the like as possible venues for future vacations.